What are your opening times?
Do you have onsite parking?

Yes, guests can benefit from free parking for the duration of their visit.

Do you sell food and drink?

Yes, we have a menu which we’re sure features something everyone will enjoy, as well as a fully-licensed games bar. Learn more on our food and drink page.

I have a food intolerance. Where can I find out information about your menu?

Allergen information can be found here.

Can I bring my own food?

No, we do not allow food or drink to be brought on site, unless it’s for babies. If you’ve booked a birthday party with us, you are permitted to bring a cake with you. We do sell food and drink.

Can I amend or move a booking?

Yes, please contact us.

Do you have toilet facilities?

Yes. We also have a fully-accessible toilet and baby changing facilities.

Do I have to pay to come in if I just want to use the machines in the arcade?

No, you’re welcome to come in to enjoy the arcade or have something to eat and drink without having to pay an entrance fee. We only charge if you want to use the bowling, karting, activities in The Arena games bar or karaoke facilities.


Do I need to pre-book?

Yes please.  You can book here.

How fast do the karts go?

The karts can reach speeds of up to 45mph – speeds are limited for children.

Are there age and height restrictions?

Yes. Children aged between the ages of 8 and 13 are classed as child drivers (or ‘cadets’) and can take part in family race experience sessions. However, the age restriction for birthday parties is 10 and over. Adult drivers are 14 years or over. Anyone under the age of 8 will not be permitted to drive – but they can come and celebrate their eighth birthday with us!

The minimum height for cadet drivers is 1.3 metres tall, and for adult drivers is 1.52m.

Any drivers wishing to take part in special events or full race meetings must be over the age of 14.

What time should I arrive?

Prior to getting out on the track, all drivers must attend a safety briefing session, so we ask you to arrive 45 minutes before your track session is due to start. You will not be permitted onto the track if you fail to attend the safety briefing.

What should I wear?

We will provide you with karting overalls and a helmet, so wear clothing that you will be comfortable in under the overalls. All drivers are required to wear a balaclava if they do not bring their own helmet, and must wear appropriate footwear – trainers are perfect! You can bring your own balaclavas, or purchase them at reception for a nominal fee. Gloves must also be worn, again these can be brought in or purchased.

Can I still race if I have a medical condition?

We want as many people as possible to be able to enjoy karting, but it is recommended that anyone who has a condition that is affected by strenuous activity, such as epilepsy or heart problems, should not race. It is also not recommended to take part if you are pregnant.

Our team are happy to chat with you before booking to answer any questions, just get in touch.

All drivers – or parents of cadet drivers – must sign our karting waiver form before getting on the track.

I have a child who has additional needs. Can they race?

Yes. As part of our work with our charity Absolutely Together, we have a special dual seat kart that allows drivers to have as much or as little control as they are comfortable with. This means that one of our team can go around the track with your child to give them an exhilarating but safe experience.

To make this a real family experience, other members of the family can take to the track in our standard karts at the same time so everyone can race each other.

We run free sessions every Sunday morning for those with additional needs and their family and would love for you to join us. You can learn more about Absolutely Together on our About Us page, but please contact us if you have any questions.


How many people are allowed on one lane?

We allow seven people per lane, so if you have a group with more people you will be given additional lanes.

Are there age restrictions?

Due to the weight of bowling balls, we do recommend children should be at least four years old, but there is no upper age limit. For the purpose of booking, we class adults as being 16 years old and over for bowling.

Do you have ramps to help children bowl?

Yes, we have ramps, as well as lane barriers and lighter balls.

Can I wear my own shoes?

Yes, definitely. However, they must be flat and fully-enclosed – trainers are ideal.

Do I need to pre-book?

It’s not necessary, but we do get very busy, so it’s a good idea to book ahead so you definitely get a lane. You can book here.

Karaoke Lounge

How many people can be in the karaoke lounge at any one time?

It can comfortably fit a maximum of 8 singers.

Do I need to pre-book?

Yes, it’s the only way to guarantee that the lounge will be free. You can book here.

Will people be able to hear us sing?

No, the room is totally private and soundproofed, so even the worst of singers can feel comfortable in belting out a pop song!

How long do we have to wait between songs loading?

The best thing to do is take some time at the start of your session to create a playlist, then every song will start automatically and there’s no fiddling around in between songs.

Will there be a song that I like?

We have over 80,000 songs that cover every genre and every era, so we’d be surprised if there wasn’t!

The Arena Games Bar

How old do you have to be to gain entry to The Arena bar and activities?

You must be 18+ to be served drinks at the bar but families are welcome to use the activities available including American pool and table tennis. The Beer Pong table is reserved for over 18s.

What are the opening hours for the bar?

The great news is The Arena is open at the same times as bowling and karaoke which means you can extend your stay with us after a game or a sing-along. Why not head to The Arena bar and challenge your friends to a game of pool or ping pong? See our opening hours each week including term time. On Friday and Saturday nights we’re open until late.

What drinks are served?

We have a wide range of drinks available at The Arena including draft beers, a selection of gins, soft drinks and a cocktail menu – so come along and raise a glass.

Do you have a behaviour policy?

We like to think we take a common-sense approach to advising on appropriate behaviour in The Arena. We want everyone to have a good time which means being respectful to those around and polite & courteous to staff. The Arena has a friendly atmosphere; should a guest fail to adhere to our standards of behaviour they will be asked to leave the venue.