Top tips so anyone can become a better ten pin bowler

20th Jul, 2022

Ten pin bowling is great fun. But we all have a bit of competitiveness that makes us want to be the person who gets the most points and strikes, no matter whether we are playing against family members, a partner, friends, or colleagues.

Here are our top tips on how you can up your game next time you visit for a game of bowling in Aylesbury.

1. Wear the correct footwear

Although you don’t have to wear those ‘attractive’ bowling shoes when you visit us, if you wear heels or flip flops you will be sliding all over the place. Wear a pair of comfortable, flat and fully enclosed shoes, such as trainers.

2. Pick the right ball

This may seem obvious, but you should be comfortable holding the ball. If it feels too heavy, try a lighter weight, and choose a ball where the holes are only slightly larger than your ring size – this really can be the difference between a strike and ending up in the gutter!

3. Keep your shoulders square

Keeping your shoulders square and level will help you to avoid sending the ball wide.

4. Line up

Don’t always aim for the centre of the pins. Line up to hit the right side of the second row if you’re right-handed, and left side if you are left-handed. This will give you the best chance of knocking down more pins.

5. Slow down

Power and speed aren’t the only ways you can hit a strike. Slowing down so you are more accurate can be just as effective. This will also help to ensure your shoulders stay square. As you perfect your technique, you can speed up, but don’t go so fast that you lose control.

6. Check your arms

Try to keep your arms as straight as possible when you swing the ball from behind you to in front of you. This will help you follow through once you’ve let go of the ball. Once the ball is zooming down the lane, your arm should end up bent, with your hand at head level.

7. And check your knees

As you move to send the ball, bend your knees so you are lower to the lane, then straighten them as you release the ball.

8. Stay straight

You may instinctively bend your back as you release the ball but try to stay as straight as possible and let your knees help you to be lower to the lane. This will make you more consistent.

9. Roll, don’t throw

All these tips should make sure that you roll the ball and don’t throw it, which will give you more control.

10. Have fun

Yeah, we know, you want to win – but don’t forget to enjoy yourself. Ideally, you want all the above to become natural, so you don’t have to think every time you pick up a bowling ball – this won’t happen unless you relax and have fun.

Want to go bowling in Aylesbury and show off your skills? We have 14 lanes, electronic scoring, and gutter barriers, lighter balls and ramps so everyone can enjoy a game. It’s simple to book online, just hit Book Now – we look forward to welcoming you.

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